In 2014 we...

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Grew 250%

by introducing James, Gabe, and Felipe to our team.

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Changed offices


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Improved our language skills

English, HTML, CSS, Portuguese

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our hosting infrastructure

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an extensive chocolate tasting in the name of our clients.

Thanks Tcho!

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and even launched

a new website. Check out our new projects.

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In 2014 we grew and learned a great deal, but we still have so much to do in 2015…

Decide definitively whether Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier is actually a good german beer. Gabe Says Yes, Eduardo says No, James requests further testing.

Change Filtro’s dog policy (To enthusiastic approval).

Forgive the office PC for its lack of competence.

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Most importantly we learned that structure is a guiding design principle for everything we do.
As a friend of Filtro you play a big part in this development, so we want to say thank you.

Credits: Eduardo = Design and DNS Propagation / James = Photography / Felipe = Development / Gabe = Illustrations / Nico = Translations